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Wearing a wig can be a transformative experience, offering the versatility to change your style as you please. However, achieving a natural look with your wig can sometimes be challenging. Below, we will discuss three tips for making your wigs look natural to help you achieve a more realistic look.

Get a Human Hair Wig

One of the most effective ways to ensure your wig looks natural is by opting for a human hair wig. These wigs boast real human hair, giving them a more genuine appearance than synthetic alternatives. The texture and shine of a human hair wig mirror that of natural hair, making it nearly impossible to distinguish the wig from your real hair.

Additionally, a human hair wig offers versatility in styling, as you can curl, straighten, color, and cut it just like your own hair. Investing in a human hair wig might be a bit pricey, but the authenticity and natural look it provides are worth every penny.

Pluck the Hairline

Another tip for enhancing the natural appearance of your wig is to pluck the hairline. Most wigs come with dense, uniform hairlines, which contrast with natural hairlines that usually feature varying densities. By plucking and thinning out your wig’s hairline, you mimic this natural variance, making the wig blend seamlessly with your real hair.

To pluck your wig’s hairline, you’ll need a pair of quality tweezers. Simply remove individual hairs along the front and sides, creating a more irregular and, therefore, more realistic hairline. In addition, you should consider plucking the part of your wig. A natural part isn’t perfectly straight or densely packed with hair. Emulating this by plucking hairs from the parting area can help your wig pass as your natural hair. Just remember that the key is to pluck sparingly and gradually to avoid creating bald spots.

Trim the Lace

Trimming the lace is the third and equally essential step to ensure your wig looks authentic. The lace refers to the base material onto which the hair of a wig is attached, typically extending an inch or so beyond the hairline. This excess lace needs careful trimming to match the unique contours of your forehead, thus creating the illusion of a natural hairline.

To achieve this, first try on your wig and use a skin-safe marker or eyeliner to mark where you want the wig to sit and where to trim. After removing the wig, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut along your marked line. Make slow, careful cuts to avoid cutting into the wig’s hair or creating a jagged edge. If you’re not confident about doing this yourself, you can always seek a professional’s help.

Now that you have some effective tips for making your wigs look natural, you can use them on your wigs today. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new wig, check out So Good BB’s selection of human hair blend lace-front wigs. You can find the ideal style for you that feels like your natural hair.