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If you’re new to using wigs as a fashion accessory, it’s important to know that they’re not all equal. Among the various types of wigs available, 100 percent human hair wigs have a reputation for being the most luxurious and realistic. Often, high-quality wigs come with a hefty price tag. However, human hair wigs offer many advantages that other wigs don’t. We will explore the benefits of 100 percent human hair wigs that you should know and discuss what makes them so special.


Natural Appearance

There’s no denying that human hair wigs have a more natural look and feel than synthetic hair wigs. The texture, density, and natural movement of human hair all contribute to a higher quality wearing experience. This ensures that these wigs blend seamlessly with your natural hair and offer a more realistic appearance that keeps you looking your best.


Product Longevity

Longevity is a major factor to consider when investing in a wig. With proper care, a human hair wig can last for years without losing shape or quality. On the other hand, synthetic wigs don’t last as long and can begin to show wear and tear in as little as three to six months. So even though human hair wigs may come at a higher cost, they’re worth it in the long run.


Customization Options

Human hair wigs consist of real hair, so you can cut and style them based on your preferences. This means that you can choose any style, color, or length that you want and take on a new look every day if you choose. In contrast, synthetic wigs undergo pre-styling before you buy them, and they can’t handle heat styling and color treatments the same way human hair can.


Overall Comfort

Another benefit of 100 percent human hair wigs is that they’re more comfortable to wear than synthetic wigs. They are light and breathable, which makes them ideal for all-day wear. They also don’t tangle as easily, making it easier to perform day-to-day maintenance on them, so they’re a great way to keep you going about your day with confidence.


Easy Maintenance

Lastly, caring for your human hair wig is easy and stress-free. As mentioned, you can wash them like your natural hair and style them as you wish. With regular cleanings and proper storage, they can keep their shine and texture for a long time. Therefore, you can get as much use out of them as you want and never feel like they’re a downgrade in quality from your own natural hair.

If you’re considering purchasing a wig, it’s always worth pursuing a human hair wig. Although they may require a higher initial cost, human hair wigs last a lot longer than other wig types and offer a much more natural look. If you’re looking for a wig with longevity, superior style, and comfort, then So Good BB’s 100 percent human hair lace front wigs are the way to go. Shop with us today to find the perfect match for your personal style needs.