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Modern wigs are beautifully crafted accessories that are perfect for tying together your overall personal style. However, their effectiveness is in the details, and a lot goes into making these products. Making a real human hair wig is an intricate process that involves patience, craftsmanship, and high-quality hair. The resulting product is a beautiful, natural-looking wig that you can style just like your own hair. Let’s dive into the process of how real human hair wigs are made and discuss other facts you should know.


Where the Hair Comes From

The journey of a real human hair wig begins with a supply of real human hair. This hair is ethically sourced from various countries around the world. Each region provides hair with its own unique characteristics – from thickness and texture to bounce and shine. There are also different types to consider, such as virgin hair, which is hair that’s never undergone processing or treatment. There’s also Remy hair, which is chemically processed to achieve a specific color or texture. The choice of hair plays a significant role in the final look and feel of your wig.


Preparing the Hair for Wig Making

Once sourced, it’s time to get the hair ready to work with by sorting and cleaning it. Craftspeople organize strands by length and align them in the same direction to maintain the natural fall and movement of the hair. Then, they thoroughly wash and disinfect the hair to ensure it’s squeaky clean and safe to use. By the end of this stage, the materials are looking fantastic and ready to go into a beautiful wig.


The Art of Wig Construction

Now comes the truly fascinating part: constructing the wig. This is where the prepared hair attaches to the foundation of the wig, a process known as knotting. Knotting is a delicate and painstaking process that involves the creator tying individual hair strands to select parts of a wig cap. Believe it or not, a full wig can take up to 40 hours to knot! But the attention to detail and craftsmanship ensure the hair sits naturally and moves just like your own.


Ensuring Your Wig Looks Natural

Another crucial thing to know about how real human hair wigs are made is how they’re customized. Using a mold, the foundation of the wig takes on the shape of the average human head. This ensures it perfectly fits the wearer’s scalp for a secure and comfortable fit. You can then style the finished wig as desired. Whether you’re looking for a chic bob, luscious waves, or straight tresses, there’s a wig out there with your name on it!


From the ethical sourcing of hair to the meticulous sorting, cleaning, and knotting, every step is a testament to the quality and authenticity of these products. At So Good BB, we’ve always aimed to provide this level of quality and beauty to women of all ages. We offer a diverse range of wigs, weaves, and hair products in our online wig store, and they’re each handpicked with our confident, fun-loving customers in mind. Remember—the perfect fit is just a try away!