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We all love basking in the sun, whether it’s while taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a day at the beach. However, we must also consider the not-so-sunny side of things: the harmful effects of sun exposure, not just on our skin but also on our wigs. Fortunately, with these four important tips to protect your wig from sun damage, you can keep this beloved product looking its best.


Keep Your Wig Clean and Conditioned

Regular maintenance is crucial in keeping your wig healthy and protected from the sun, just like it is for hair on your head. Make sure to clean and condition your wig using specially formulated products meant for wigs. This will aid in preserving your wig’s color and texture while also preventing it from drying out, becoming brittle, and ultimately sustaining damage.


Use a Protective Sealing Product

To provide even more protection for your wig against harmful UV rays, opt for a good-quality protective sealing product. You can easily apply these products, often sprays, to your wig. They act as a barrier between the hair and the sun by enveloping the fibers, ensuring no harmful rays penetrate them. Moreover, protective sealing products help maintain your wig’s color and prevent it from fading due to sun exposure.


Minimize Contact With Direct Sunlight

Another important tip for protecting your wig from sun damage is to control how much exposure you give it. Whenever possible, try to avoid exposing your wig to direct sunlight for long periods. When you’re heading out, consider accessorizing with a stylish hat or scarf that can comfortably accommodate your wig, fashionably protecting it from the sun’s rays! Additionally, you can opt for wearing your wig on occasions when you are more likely to spend your day indoors to reduce the chances of sun damage.


Store Your Wig Out of the Sun

Lastly, store your wig in a cool, dry, dark place when not in use. Avoid placing it near a window or any area where sunlight can reach it. Proper wig storage is vital to maintain its overall condition, color, and longevity.


You should care for your wig just as you would care for your natural hair. At So Good BB, we’re dedicated to keeping you looking your best with our collection of stylish and luxurious deep-part lace wigs. But we also want to make sure you know everything you can about keeping these products in beautiful condition. By following these simple tips, you can be confident that your beautiful wig will remain looking fabulous for longer so you can rock it whenever you want.